Endodontic Consultation

Your initial consultation will allow us the opportunity to assess your problem and diagnose whether there is an endodontic solution. Ability to do a through diagnosis involving complex dental problems and conditions is a big part of the difference between your general dentist and an endodontic specialist.

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Referring Doctors

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Root Canal Diagnosis

Determining the extent of tooth decay and salvageability of the tooth are essential to the next steps in Endodontic procedures ...
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Root Canal Treatment

In situations when the nerve is infected, success of root canal treatment let's you keep a tooth, rather than extracting it ...
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Endodontic Surgery

When non-surgical root canal procedures are insufficient to curb the discomfort, a root canal surgery may be necessary ...
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Meet Dr. Mo

Dr. Mo grew up in Alberta where he completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry (1996). After volunteering in a church service mission in Australia for two years, he met his now wife and settled in Sydney down under. Following in his father's footsteps, he pursued a career in Dentistry and graduated with honours from renowned Sydney University (2006)...

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GentleWave® Procedure

The Minimally Invasive Root Canal Alternative

Root canal symptoms can be a pain. Choosing your root canal option doesn’t have to be.

The GentleWave® Procedure is redefining standard root canal treatment (RCT) with a minimally invasive root canal process that preserves tooth structure and promotes early healing.

The GentleWave® procedure uses fluid dynamics and broad-spectrum acoustic energy to clean and disinfect the root canal system and offers the following benefits: 

Minimally Invasive

The GentleWave Procedure replaces much of the manual instrumentation in RCT with optimized procedure fluids, helping prevent the removal of excess tooth structure to maintain its natural functionality and structural integrity.

Effective Cleaning

The GentleWave Procedure’s high-tech fluid delivery system distributes fluids throughout your root canal system, removing infection from the root canal system while preserving valuable tooth structure.

One-Visit Procedure

In most cases, a GentleWave Procedure can be completed in just one appointment. And, because GentleWave Technology is so effective at cleaning the root canal system, there's less chance of needing a root canal retreatment later.

Endodontic Resources

Here you'll find everything you need to know about root canals and the field of endodontics from the American Association of Endodontists (AAE)

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